Ladybird flower shop

Decorative metal ark with lighting


Ladybird flower shop

Project:  Concept design
Interior design & project supervision
Lighting design
Logo design

Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Flower shop design and decoration Flower shop interior wall mural

The project

In the eastern sea front in Limassol, Artease Design Lab made the concept design of Ladybird flower shop.
The brief was to create a flower and gift boutique store blending romance with contemporary design.

 Flower shop decoration metal construction Flower shop decoration with metal structure

The idea

Among the most notable projects are those with serious limitations from the beginning.
The creative idea in Ladybird was to design a 35sq m. fairy tale, romance and sophisticated aesthetics
with a modern aspect and materials.
White and pink created an environment that leads the eyes on the shape and colors of the flowers

Built-in wooden deck lightingWooden deck with built-in lighting Flower shop outdoor lighting and window display

The construction

On the left side of the shop, we designed and built a metal, lace-like arced pavilion as the main display of the plants
and the flower arrangements. A big floral wall painting from the right side of the shop reflects in its mirrors.

We designed the shop furniture in a strict, geometric shape and thanks to heir glossy varnish and built-in lighting,
a unique feel of luxury was brought out. On the outdoors, we made a white wooden deck with recessed
ladybird-like lamps and artificial grass stools, that was creating the visual continuity with the shop interior.

Flower shop window display and outdoor lighting Flower shop interior design Flower shop window display decoration Flower shop window desplay

The lighting plan

Our approach to the shop’s lighting atmosphere was to set up a form of stage lighting, using spotted beam LED lamps.
A light-and-shadow ambience was created; light beams were focusing on the points of interest
and the shop seemed larger than it was before.

Flower shop logo design

 Corporate identity

Ladybird’s corporate identity was created by Artease Design Lab.
Logo and signage, business cards and packaging, were all part of Ladybird’s Concept Design.