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Successful design of a shop or a commercial space means to fully understand the needs and expectations of each individual client. Creativity, innovation, design excellence and quality persistence, are leading our approach in every commercial project we undertake, regardless its scale.

We develop unique commercial spaces

Artease Design Lab aims to design and develop any space to fulfil the needs of each individual client. To achieve this, we work together with our clients, ensuring that the project is thoroughly understood, as well as its commercial environment. Artease Design Lab’s professional services include:

Brand and name creation
We analyse the consumer market and market size within the proposed business environment. We work with the client to create the most appealing and appropriate brand name for their business. We also design the logo, corporate identity and packaging.

Design and detailed presentation of the project
Whether is a concept design project, designed from scratch or a space renovation; in that case, our main objective is to change the styling or set a new one, with fresh ideas and decoration tips. Also, we can propose an optimized space layout and ergonomics.

Lighting design
We study the natural light flow and draw lighting schemes in accordance with the styling of the space.

Customized furniture design
When ready-made furniture is not good enough for the project, Artease Design Lab will design furniture, decorative objects or any other thing needed to match the concept.

Construction supervision
We supervise the progress and completion of the project in person. We keep it within the budget by eliminating any construction delays and we ensuring its superior quality.

Communication strategy and advertising
We design any printed or digital material for advertising brochures or campaign purposes.

Signage, styling and visual merchandising.
We take care of indoor and outdoor signage as well as the shop’s visual merchandising. We set and revive shop windows aiming to impress by always remaining unconventional.