Mykonos private party

Mykonos gold mirror panel decoration design




The “Reflections” project: installation art in private party.

Location: Mykonos island


Special cut gold outdoor mirror panel in Mykonos Reflections on a gold mirror panel in a Mykonos villa

The reflectors

Art uses its own special mirrors
so it can be the reflection of life.


Mykonos villa special cut decorative gold mirror lighting

The mirror

Τhe sunlight falls onto the glossy surface.
Summer is reflected with multiplied force.


Decorative gold mirror candleholder Outdoor indoor use gold mirror candleholder

Τhe forms

Sunrays keep their way penetrating the objects.
Everything is shaped by light and shadows.


Acrylic silver mirror serving plate Acrylic silver mirror serving plate with spoons

The shining

At the right moment, every object becomes significant.
Light reflects and shimmers.
From every angle, a different image is appearing.


Mykonos poolside gold mirror metal lighting

The reflection

An explanation of where we are and where we’ve been before.


Poolside lighting in a Mykonos villa with gold mirror outdoor lamps

Τhe image

Everything the mirror reflects is coming back to us in reverse.


Special cut gold mirror metal lamp in a Mykonos villa Special cut metal lamp in a Mykonos poolside party

The metamorphosis

The light is changing direction. Objects are becoming self-luminous.


Mykonos party with special cut outdoor gold mirror lighting

The location

The wind has stopped. Up on the hill the night switches on its lights.


Mykonos poolside party gold mirror lightened panel Mykonos poolside party lighting with gold metal lamps

The feast

All your sensors are working again
Don’t forget to take the summer scents with you.


Mykonos pool party set decoration

Illuminated objects designed and manufactured by ArteaseDesingLab for Visual Transition’s installation project ”Reflections”.


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