Lighting design

Lighting design

A good lighting plan should be flexible in order to be effective.
That means that lighting must conform to the constant changing needs of the
individuals in a variety of situations. Lighting should illuminate your space efficiently
and also be adaptable if you choose to change the style or function of the room.

Lighting schemes

In every room we need to combine three types of lighting:
General illumination, focal lighting and accent or decorative lighting.
We utilize all three types of lighting in the most effective way,
based on the use of each room.

Starting from scratch!

Whether you’re planning a new home or you’re thinking of a smaller or larger scale renovation,
here is the chance to essentially improve the quality of your life through it.
Starting from studying the natural light and room’s orientation,
we aim to reduce the need for artificial lighting. We’ll spot the most efficient locations
for mounting the light sources to ensure that your functional
and ambiance needs are met.


Targeted, small scale modifications can upgrade your lighting conditions
and at the same time reduce the electricity bill.
Bulb replacement, highlighting or accentuate decorative qualities
make your indoor life more pleasant and stylish.

Commercial space lighting design

Lighting has a dramatic effect on how we perceive a commercial
space and affects how we feel when we use it.
Our lighting plans vary, according  to the use of each individual space.
People always want to feel comfortable and homey
whether in a clothes store or a small espresso bar.
Every commercial space needs to have its unique identity and lighting
can be an essential element to its creation.